About Us

A Non-Profit Organization

OSS Weightlifting Club, Inc (OSS) is a 501(c) tax-exempt charitable organization.


OSS’ mission is to bring our great Olympic sport to all!  There’s room for everyone whether you want to be a competitive athlete at the highest level, become more fit or want to be a certified weightlifting official.  All OSS revenue is dedicated to supporting its athletes including purchasing equipment and subsidizing travel to National meets. We are governed by bylaws and run by a Board of Directors elected by club members. OSS raises revenue through tax-deductible donations, by holding weightlifting meets and hosting USAW Coaching Certifications and weightlifting clinics.

OSS lifting focus is on the individual athlete and the athlete’s lifting career. Generally, athletes are considered beginners for approximately 18-24 months of training and learn the sport mainly through standardized programming tailored slightly to experience and ability.


Intermediate lifters, those with approximately 20-36 months of training experience receive programming more individually tailored. At this stage the individuality of the athlete’s abilities manifests more clearly and programming addresses the abilities accordingly. Moreover, programming is structured around specific competitions throughout the year.

After three years of training, programming is highly individualized and very challenging.

We do not require our athletes to compete. However, because our focus is weightlifting competition at all levels, novice to National championships, we encourage participation in weightlifting meets even within a few months of training. OSS believes that it is important for the athlete to gain experience on the competition platform as soon as possible. However, the goals of competition vary.



Early in the athlete’s career the focus is learning even in competition. The results we seek in beginners is ever-increasing confidence and ebbing the stress of competition by exposing the athlete to it often. While winning medals is nice (and we win our share of them) our objective is to meet specific objectives while the athlete makes good lifts in competition.
As the athlete progresses into intermediate level competitions become fewer, more selective, and more challenging. Although our athletes often do qualify for national meets at this level, the emphasis remains on learning and developing rather than achieving specific totals or medals.
At the advanced level in the Senior Division (ages 20 – 35) the focus is on competition to win. Having experienced competition many times and with several years of training, the athlete’s confidence is high and can perform under the most stressful conditions.
We also have a large contingent of Masters (35 years and up) Division athletes. Training at this level naturally differs from the other divisions and we tailor the training to meet masters’ needs just as we do with Youth and Senior athletes. Masters enjoy a wide range of competition opportunities including local, national and international events.


OSS prides itself on knowledge of the sport. Most of our lifters are also certified local officials (judges). We find that athletes who are well-versed in the rules have a deeper enjoyment of their lifting. Our coaches are all certified officials and our staff has four national officials and one certified international official. We train our staff to reach certification levels and OSS enjoys a strong national reputation for its weightlifting knowledge.